Sunday, February 22, 2009

"It Gets Harder Everyday."

So the sun didn't completly shine today. Just when I thought things were settled, we fall right back into our bad habit of arguing. I'm getting sick of it. I'm getting sick of being sick. Nobody said it would be easy, nor did I expect things to be. The least I can do now is to be "be patient" because "love is patient." And, I have to quit being pessimistic because it's not doing me any good.

& When it gets hard, why not go shopping to get your mind off of things? Well, that's exactly what I did today. Independently, I went thrift shopping. This is not the first time I have independently went out to go shopping. Infact, it is the third time. It might not seem much, but think about it, noone wants to ride the bus alone to go to the mall. Most likely, people would call up a friend to tag along. No, this was not just the 5 minute-walk-down-the street-to-the-shopping-center; (I live right up the street from a shopping center) This was ride-the-bus-to-and-from-the-clothing-store-all-by-myself thing. The farthest I have went to by myself was to Ala Moana. It would be so independent of me if I ride the bus to and from Pearlridge. I don't think I'm ready for that yet.

I'd say that shopping does release your mind from thinking about problems your dealing with, although it isn't 100% curable. I also tried eating my mind away, but that doesn't help because I quickly get full.

Now, my alarm has been ringing. I have just missed 7 minutes of the Acadaemy Awards. Idk why, but I like watching award shows. Atleast, I have something to do, while boyfriend is out again. One day, I'm going to get so use to it, that I won't have to feel so pitty 'bout myself. ;)

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