Friday, February 6, 2009


I busted my butt today in school, esp for period3--finished worksheets that i needed to correct + homework, so I won't have to do math work during the weekend, HORRAY! :D & part of why I felt the urge to finish my work, was 'cause Justine (sister) & I, will finally have our planned nails + bake day. Oh & I have to take my brother to his school's fair. =D

Anyways, afterschool I headed straight to my orthodontist. It's been 11 months now since I've had braces. Damn, so fast!! Right now, my bottom teeth is kind of tight, cause my orothodontist adjusted it that way. Oh, & i finally got to buy a geometry book from Barnes & Noble, since we're not allowed to take home our school's geometry book, + a blouse from Forever21. I've noticed that the style is like tribe-ish/american indian-ish. The style is relevant to our group name. hahha.

& i could've been reading this book,(which i regret not buying):

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