Monday, February 2, 2009


YAY! ;P usually, I would have geometry problems to solve for homework, but since we did things a little different in math class today, I don't have to do any.

So I got back my tests today for math & Business Management, & I'm proud of the results. esp. for math, because the first time I got the test back, I wasn't close to being happy 'bout the score, but thanks to "you can make corrections on your quizzes and test" rule, I got a much better score. but still, I have other worksheets to correct & its always the same ones that I get back. grr. -__-

okay, besides from school work, today, it seemed that not only was the day cold, but relationships were too, literally. today, lovely, aizerie, jackie & i, headed to Zippy's afterschool & we spend a whole 2hour+ there while we talked and had what I would consider a "venting session,"but we still got in a couple of good laughs and jokes. but you know, once relationships turn cold, there's the friends that give you the medicine.

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