Thursday, February 5, 2009


  • Irritated by teachers that don't explain assignments clear enough, & expects students to learn it on their own.
  • Irritated by people that don't know how to be quiet in class, even when told to stop talking.
  • Irritated by people that don't listen.
  • Irritated by people that make like. seriously, STOP.
  • Irritated when there's nothing good to eat.
  • Irritated when there's nothing to watch on TV.
  • Irritated by low scores (in math).
  • Irritated when I hear stupid songs that talk about sex and drugs.
  • Irritated when the wind blows hard & flips my umbrella.
  • Irritated when I can't open my locker.
  • Irritated by my procrastination.
  • Irritated when someones bugs me, especially when I've got my hands full.
  • Irritated when people act like they made something up.
  • Irritated with laziness.
  • Irritated with boring people in my keyboarding class.
  • Irritated when my ipod is low battery, esp. when i'm bored in school.
  • Irritated when my mom yells.
  • Irritated with slow Internet.
  • Irritated when I lose one of my supplies, esp. my eraser or my white out.
  • Irritated when I take too long to figure out what to wear for school.
They say when your stressed, every little thing gets on your nerves.
& this is pretty self-explanatory.

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  1. Girl I feel you on this!

    "Irritated with boring people in my keyboarding class."

    It wouldn't be boring if I was there!
    we'd have so much fun w/ our talks <3

    ugh I frickn' mish you :'[