Saturday, February 7, 2009


First, I took my brother to his school's family fair, & it's been the same eversince the first time we went. Played a couple of games, but I didn't win big. Anji was working at one of the games so I went to play it. The game was ringtoss & i sucked at it! hahha, my brother did better than me. The best game was obviously the one where you get to win fishes.

After the fair, headed down to sister Juse's place. We was suppose to have a 'bake cupcakes'+ nails day, but while we were entering Foodland (to buy mix),I realized that I forgot to bring the pan w/ me. So, we didn't end up baking. Talked, ate plate lunches from L&L's, got my nails did, went through all her art thingys, was taught how to give the lashes a boost w/mascara & paper, & fell in love w/ the wooden floors in her room. Haha.

Overall good day, except the night time part, cause I'm lonely (..again) meaning, no late night call. So sad. I think I just have to get use to it. But, atleast I recieve text messages.. not from him,* but from sister Juse. :D

I wish i had skills to make this.

& thanks to sis's tremendous collection of
scrapbook layouts, (which has vintage flare)
I can start working on my secret project. ;D

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