Monday, March 16, 2009


Nowadays, I find myself trying to be busy so that I don't dare to look at the clock. Usually, I would try to get all my homework done by going home early, roughly around 3 o'clock, and then be done by 5 or 6 o'clock. But since my boyfriend has a new hobby, (well soon-to-be hobby since he just started a week ago, and doing something for a week is not long enough to be considered a hobby, i think), I procrastinate purposely, so that I have something to do through out the duration that my boyfriend is out at practice. Hence, I would finish right around when his done with practice. I find this method helpful.

BUT, I do have days where I have nothing to do, (nothing as in anything school related). Exhibit A: Tonight. & Yet again I just sit, wait, wish. One, I don't have any homework to do. Two, it's only 8:37 and babe doesn't end till 9:30. Three, I'm not yet sleepy, though sleeping may be a good thing to do right now since I haven't gotten enough sleep for the past few days due to waiting-till-he-finishes-practice-gets-home-and-calls-me circumstances.

Other than that, four more days 'till Spring Break! :]

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  1. what is s.w.w? haha.
    and not really he said i heart you.
    not i love you.