Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Good thing the school does not block the blogger website, because meanwhile I can blog about something, while I wait for an hour more 'till school is done. I just finished my keboarding exam & it was a 'piece of cake!' Our exam was to create a portfolio. The first part of the exam was to create a title page, then fillout the table of contents--describing each of the 10 assignments listed. Next, we needed to refer back to the Microsoft Excel gradesheet inorder for us to fill out the points we earned for each assignment. Lastly, arrange all assignments in order.
My period one exam (health) consited 40 questions, which majority was True or False + a 6 paragraph essay on Oscar the cat who can predict a patient's impendening death. (sounds crippy, huh?)I can't say that I excelled this exam because the questions were stupid, but I did okay. Hopefully my six paragraph essay, + a little kiss-ass* to the teacher (dusting her room, aranging her books) will help me. :]

Tomorrow is the day I dread because I will be taking my math and business exam.
Math Gods, help a sister out! !!!

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