Monday, January 26, 2009

'No Matter The Weather.'

There's days when it's bright out side, but then again, there's days when it rains. & i know how we dislike those times when the weather flip flops: one minute its sunny, and then unexpectedly rain starts to drop. but what we don't really think about is how we need it to rain to nurture the things that grow deep into our earth's soil. there's nothing that we can do 'bout the weather, we just have to deal w/ how it is. we can't tell the sky when to shine, or when to stop raining, we have to develop patience 'till the sky becomes clearer.

& its just like in a relationship: we're both happy, and at times we find ourselves mad at each other, which can lead to an ongoing cycle of arguments. but that's the nature of being in a relationship. & if we're in it for each other's love, we deal w/ all that comes w/ it, whether we like it or not. & just like how we have to develop patience 'till the sky becomes clearer, we have to develop some optimism in knowing our relationship can make it through a struggle.

& 'no matter the weather', i know, ( & i shouldn't doubt) that he still.. loves me.

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  1. I love your first paragraph! it's so SO true