Thursday, January 29, 2009


For these past few days, its been quite breezy. I like it, especially because I have PE first period, so the less chances of catching a sweat. Haha. But, since my friends & I hang out in an AC operated classroom, during lunch, I get a bit more cold then I am outside. Brr. -___-

Anyways here's little update on my classes:

  1. PE! Today, we ran a 400 meter (one whole lap w/out stopping) in groups again. I'm getting use to the running, since we do it everyday. My group & I were expected to run a 1:50 pace. & we always make it around that time. That's why Mr. Sulu always tells us "Oh my god. what a great group!" Haha. After the 400 meter, we did some ab workout. & damn, did my back hurt.
  2. Keyboarding! Still so boring. We did a couple of exercises: typed new letters out- w, g, and the comma. then, did a 12 second timing and a minute timing. I was pretty weak on the one minute timing for the first time. Everytime I type out c, I end up using my index finger, which is wrong, because your suppose to use the middle finger. Plus, I dont like typing periods because my pinky always wants to follow my ring finger when it reaches for the period button. Haha. & now, im gonna convince my mom to get me MicrosoftWord, because you can do so much more with that, compared to WordProccesor. I just like it cause its better to do graphics. & I'm all about being elaborate on projects, so yup.. MicrosoftWord will help me to do just that 10x more :D
  3. Dissapointed in my Chapter 1 test score :( DAMN. but, thankfully we can make corrections, which, you can get one grade up. I was so lost in class today. Didn't understand the work. But its a good thing, I have Jan to help me. :D I was busy trying to make corrections for the work that was passed back to me and my test. Hopefully, my corrections will get stamped w/ happy faces.
  4. & of course, Mr. Chattergy talked his way from the time class started to the end. I was so caught up in all the things he was saying, that I didn't even bother to look at the clock. Tomorrow, we have our first quiz. I was warned that his quizes/tests are confusing, so I tried to study and understand all the bussines terms that he told us to study + the learning styles, as much as i could.
OU! & everysince Lovely cooked snickerdoodle in her MealManagement class, I've been craving for it. c(:

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